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Metaverse enables communication, games, and brand experiences in a virtual space.
Focusing on solutions that can be easily utilized for promotions, we offer custom development on existing platforms as well as original development on proprietary platforms to suit your needs!


プラットホーム(PF)を新規で作成することも可能ですが、大規模なものは開発期間とコストが莫大にかかるので、 弊社はプロモーション領域で活用しやすく、エンドユーザーが参加しやすいメタバースにフォーカスしています。



Atali develops both application-based development as well as web-based metaverse.
While it is possible to create a new platform(PF), the development time and cost for a large-scale project would be enormous, therefore we focus on a metaverse that is easy to utilize in the promotion area and easy for end users to participate.

Our strengths are as follows
-Dedicated game planner, allowing us to develop gamification such as quests.
-Based in the advertising industry, allowing our prototyping development speed is fast.
-Experience with existing platforms, allowing us to start production work immediately.

The provided courses are as follows

  • ①ブラウザ メタバース
    1.Browser Metaverse
    Enables the user to experience the Metaverse within their browser.
    This is a method of exporting in webGL using a game engine such as UNITY instead of the existing PF.
    This type of application allows high quality of expression for a rich experience of the brand's worldview, and a platform where multiple users can participate in the same world and enjoy watch parties and games while communicating with each other.
  • ②既存メタバースPF カスタム
    2.Customized content for pre-existing Metaverse PF
    Production of content to be stored on platforms such as Roblox, VRchat, ambr, and cluster.
    Atali has knowledge of the production requirements for each platform as well as experience in development.
    In request, planning games with a view to monetization is also possible.
  • ③メタバース風 WEBコンテンツ
    3.Metaverse-style web content
    Creation of custom virtual spaces without using a specific metaverse PF.
    For projects in which end users who are not yet familiar with the Metaverse are to participate, we will realize a system that facilitates participation by linking with existing social networking services and the like.
    Although direct communication between multiple users is not possible, it is ideal for "visualizing the excitement of everyone's participation".
Avatar characterのサムネイル画像

Avatar character - produce

Metaverseで使うことができるアバター キャラクター開発も行っています。
エンドユーザーが使うアバターの開発はもちろんのこと、 IPとして成立させることでキャラクタービジネスに発展させることができるタイプもプロデュースしています。

Develop characters that can be used in Metaverse..
In addition to developing avatars for end-user use, we also produce character types that can be grown into a character business by establishing them as IP.